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Strong Tower offers a unique approach to sharing captivating, affordable, and quality media. With proactive leadership, an effective marketing plan, and excellent customer service, we intend to win our target market and earn the respect of our competitors.

Our competitive strategy is to promote a company identity that is notoriously and exclusively inspirational, thought-provoking, and spiritual in nature, while earning a reputation for high-quality products and services aligned with this identity.

While it is vitally important to know our market and competition, our greatest strategy is in knowing ourselves. Strong Tower is confident that, within the competitive environment, an original approach will produce original results. This is why Strong Tower is committed to building our company on the resource, intelligence, and experience of business professionals and consultants that know how to succeed.

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Legend by Ozie C. Cargile II

Download the entire CD "Legend" from artist Ozie Cargile. A new sound for a new generation: urban melodies meet classical forms.

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Download the thought-provoking and controversial audio book Bitch Mentality by La Veeta Ivory. Read by the author herself, listen as La Veeta Ivory takes you on a striking, inspirational journey that you will never forget.

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Bitch Mentality by La Veeta Ivory

A revelatory teacher and writer, La Veeta Ivory, “brings it home” in these pages with her own personal experiences. Bitch Mentality brings to us a striking reality in a great work of literature, unraveling the very fabric of promiscuity and “doggish” behaviors. This book is a timely, powerful, and enlightening inspirational message that is guaranteed to impact the lives of women for generations to come. Without question, it is a must read for those who never want to be used for Satan’s pleasure again.

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